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High Throughput ADME Screening

Our initial goal back in 1999 was to create a company which could revolutionize ADME screening and to produce large quantities of standardized high quality data for predictive modeling purposes and for delivering results to clients to help them make decisions on how to progress their compounds. This scale of operation was achieved using state of the art liquid handling and bioanalytical equipment combined with our internally developed LIMS (laboratory information management systems), known as Labsys™.

Our team of expert software engineers works closely with our scientists to automate workflow within the laboratory. Labsys™ has been developed over more than a decade, and is under a process of continual review – adding new procedures, adapting for new systems/equipment and improving efficiency. It managed all aspects of the workflow including registration and ordering, barcoding and tracking, instrument scripting and data analysis and reporting. By developing such a system, Cyprotex have produced an internally developed high throughput facility which is unrivaled within the CRO industry, and enables us to compete with the Asian CRO market for the larger scale deals.

Cyprotex’s HT-ADME facility offers our customers the following benefits:

  • Robust protocols which generate high quality consistent data
  • Capacity for large scale screening projects
  • Rapid screening to fit with customers’ make-test cycles
  • Highly competitive pricing - comparable with the Asian CRO market
  • Flexibility to customize protocols based on preferred design
  • Open active communication with highly qualified ADME-Tox scientists
  • Screening facilities based in Europe and the USA

Many of the top Pharmaceutical, Agrichemical and Cosmetics companies use Cyprotex for their screening projects and benefit from our high throughput facility.

Contact us to find out how Cyprotex can generate robust data cheaper, quicker, better.
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