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in vitro toxicology

Non-GLP Exploratory Toxicology

Capabilities include:

  • Early assessment of drug safety risk

    • Exposure, toxicokinetics and tolerability studies
    • Dose range finding studies
    • Safety biomarkers (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics)
    • Formulation assessment
  • Mechanistic toxicology studies

    • Histology
    • Haematology and biochemistry
    • mRNA analysis and upregulation in CYP activity
    • Protein expression analysis
    • Toxicogenetics
  • Proof of concept for drug mechanism of action or efficacy

    • Target engagement
    • Biomarkers

Our non-GLP exploratory toxicology services are carried out at Evotec’s French facility in Toulouse. 

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