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Corporate Responsibility

Our Customers

Customer Service: Cyprotex recognizes the importance of excellent customer service in gaining repeat business. More than 70% of customers return to Cyprotex for a second round of services.

Project Management: Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated and highly experienced Project Manager who manages the conduct of the services being performed for the customers and can also assist with study design and data interpretation. Often this involves Cyprotex being part of the customer’s project team meetings helping to make key decisions on future screening strategies.

Data Quality: Quality of the data delivered to our customers is extremely important as data may be required for regulatory submission or for making key decisions on whether to take molecules forward into development. Cyprotex has its own Quality Assurance Policy in place. Quality Procedures include staff training and supervision, Standard Operating Procedures, equipment validation and calibration, data recording and retention. These Quality Procedures are strictly followed to deliver robust and scientifically valid data to our clients.

Speed: Speeding up the time in which a drug reaches the market can dramatically reduce R&D costs during the drug discovery and development stages. Cyprotex offer rapid turnaround time with data for the majority of Cyprotex standard screens returned within 5-10 working days.

Knowledge Sharing: Cyprotex shares its knowledge in the field for the benefit of its customers and the wider scientific community through publications, presentations and its educational guides.

Price: Cyprotex have developed automated systems which are highly efficient and allow us to keep our costs lower. Our pricing is highly competitive and provides considerable value for our customers.

Confidentiality: Cyprotex does not in any circumstances disclose confidential information about its past, current or prospective customers outside the Company. This includes, without limitation, customer names, scientific information or data, pricing or financial information.

Our Employees

Health and Safety – It is the policy of Cyprotex to comply with appropriate health and safety legislation of the countries in which we operate to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. The health and safety objective of Cyprotex is to minimize the number of instances of occupational accidents and illnesses and ultimately to achieve a safe accident-free workplace. Every employee is provided with training, instruction and supervision as necessary to carry out their tasks safely. Control of the health and safety risks arising from our activities are enforced through risk assessments. We conduct regular safety audits to ensure safety procedures are being maintained.

Development Opportunities – Cyprotex is committed to providing an environment where employees can learn and develop their skills and are rewarded for the contribution they make to the Company. Through constant dialogue between management and staff employees fully understand what is expected of them, can receive and give regular feedback on how they are doing and can also be provided with assistance on personal development. Regular performance reviews are undertaken to ensure this process is formalized. A mentoring scheme is also operated allowing staff to receive advice and coaching from a colleague to help them to learn more about the business and to assist in developing their career. As well as on the job training, we actively encourage cross training opportunities in different areas of the business and also the ability to gain additional skills outside the Company by attending conferences/seminars or specialist courses, or gaining educational qualifications.

Flexibility – Cyprotex understands that commitments at home occasionally can impact on the ability of its staff to perform their role on a full time basis. To accommodate these needs Cyprotex is flexible in allowing employees to work from home or work reduced hours, if appropriate for the job role and the needs of the Company.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities – Cyprotex has an Equal Opportunities Policy which it strictly adheres to. Discrimination between employees or potential employees on the grounds of color, race, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status or religious beliefs is considered unacceptable behavior.

Corporate Governance

Cyprotex PLC was acquired by a German stock corporation Evotec AG (, effective 14 December 2016.

Evotec is compliant with the German Corporate Governance Code which sets forth the legal requirements for the management and supervision of listed German companies. These responsibilities include:

  1. Observance of shareholder and employee interests
  2. Effective cooperation between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board
  3. Open and transparent communication

More details can be found in the Corporate Governance section on Evotec's website:

Improved Healthcare

Speeding Up the Drug Discovery Process - The pharmaceutical industry is one of Cyprotex’s key customer markets. Cyprotex has developed its own high throughput systems to screen potential new drugs more efficiently and more rapidly – speeding up the time it takes for the drug discovery process and reducing costs for our customers.

R & D Activities – Cyprotex invests in many R&D projects. Many of these are focused in the field of in vitro toxicology where Cyprotex is helping to develop more clinically relevant models. The ultimate outcome of our research is to bring safer drugs to the market with the best chance of clinical success. Cyprotex is currently involved in the CiPA initiative where we play an active role in the evaluation of new testing methods for cardiac safety. Our Watertown site contributes to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ToxCast project which focuses on the safety of chemicals in the environment.

Reduction in Animal Testing

Ethical concerns over animal testing are growing. Within the cosmetics industry this has led to a ban on animal testing for any new cosmetic product or their ingredients. For new pharmaceuticals, preclinical toxicity testing in animals is still a requirement of the regulatory authorities due to the risk to human health. Cyprotex focuses its screening services and research activities on in vitro and in silico methods believing that these technologies will help to reduce and replace animal testing in the future.

Environmental Impact

Recycling – Wherever possible Cyprotex re-use packaging and recycles cardboard, paper, tin, wood, ink cartridges and toners.

Energy Consumption – Within our offices and laboratories we aim to reduce our energy consumption by making sure lights and air conditioning units are switched off when rooms are not in use.

Business Travel – Cyprotex encourages its staff to maximize efficiency during business travel combining meetings with other visits within the same local area.

Local Community

Cyprotex provides training and employment opportunities for the local community helping to boost the economy in the areas in which it operates. We regularly provide work experience opportunities for local schools and mentor students in local colleges.

Support for Charitable Organizations

Cyprotex provide non-profit screening support for two major charitable organisations as part of its social responsibility commitments. We also hold fund raising events such as ‘Bake a cake’ days, Macmillan coffee mornings and Christmas raffles and our staff participate in numerous individual charitable activities.

Suppliers and Partners

Cyprotex expects all suppliers and partners to work towards and uphold similar ethical and moral standards. The Company will, if appropriate, consider the ethical record of potential new suppliers before entering into any agreement. The Company reserve the right to withdraw from any agreement or other arrangement with any supplier or partner who is found to have acted in contravention of the spirit or principles of our own Ethical Policy.

More details on our ethical policy and code of conduct can be found on Evotec's website:

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